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Building constructions and decoration


11 floor building: piles, monolithic grillage, flat, monolithic;  
4 floor building: drilled, flat assembled and in some parts monolithic.  
The upper part of the foundation is tied by monolithic grillage. Warmed by socle insulating extrusive foam polystyrene plates.  


Vertical shell elements – monolithic columns and monolithic solidity core walls of concrete.  

External walls  

11 floor building: warmed by rockwool.  
4 floor building:  
Underground floor – monolithic reinforced concrete blocks 40cm + insulation 5 cm.  
Overground floors box – lightweight concrete blocks masonry + insulation.  
Overground floors – glass part.  
External walls in the underground floor are cast of monolithic concrete. Heatwave of underground floor walls is 1.45 m2 K/W, floor – 2.55 m2 K/W.  
Heatwave of overground floor walls – 4.03 m2 K/W. Sound insulation between apartments 55 R’ w dB.  


11 floor building: hollow assembled, monolithic strips.  
4 floor building: solid floor, reinforced by rebar nets. The thickness of the cellar up to 280 mm, it is insulated by ply heat insulation. The thickness of intermediate floors up to 280 mm.  
The height of premises inside the apartments is 2,5 m, ground floor – 3,6 m. Underground parking lot – passage height – 2,2 m.  


Cellar floor – concrete, impregnating cover.  
Apartments floor – solid rockwool insulation and armed smoothing layer of cement solution, finishing cover in commonly used premises.  

Elevator and staircase walls 

Elevator shaft and staircase walls – brick-wall.  
Assembled reinforced concrete blocks are used in closed staircases, metal stair beams in open staircases, 4 floor building – sectional flights of stairs.  

Internal partitions  

• Between apartments:  
– 11 floor building: 20;10;2,5 – „Fibo“ lightweight concrete blocks, rockwool, 2 layers plaster slabs; or 38 carrying mansory;  
– 4 floor building: 10;10;10 – „Fibo“ lightweight concrete blocks, rockwool, „Fibo“ lightweight concrete blocks;  
• Between apartments and corridor – three-layer brick-wall (120 mm silicate bricks + 100 mm mineral glasswool + 100 mm „Fibo“ lightweight concrete blocks),  
• Inside the apartments – plaster slabs, fixed on a metal framework.  
Moisture-resistant plaster slabs are used in sanitary premises.  
For the purpose of assuring sound insulation between premises, double plaster slabs are used, and the opening between two slabs is filled with 50, 75 mm thick rockwool.  
Car parking and auxiliary premises – 120 mm thick silicate or ceramic brick-wall.  
Internal partitions are laid out according to the plan.  


In technical premises – fire-resistant – metal, painted;  
Apartment entrance – multi-layer door with sound insulation filling;  
Entrance door – aluminum-framed, with glass package filling. Locked.   


Lift-gate with remote control device.  
Leading to indoor car parking – lift-gate with remote control device.


Terraces, balconies  

Terraces and balconies, under which premises have been planned, are lifted 20 cm higher than the floor level. Terraces and balconies cover – wooden boards.  

Windows, showcases  

Glass walls – combined façade systems and plastic windows.  
Windows – 5-chamber profiles, 3 opening positions, air vents.  
Thermal conduction coefficient – 1.1 W/m2K, sound insulation – 32-34 dB.  
Glazing – single-chamber glass package with selective and acoustic glass.  


Walls – suspended lightweight façade finish plates, on a special framework, with thermal insulation.  
Handrails in terraces and balconies metal openwork or glass, H=1100 mm. In the staircases – metal openwork, H~900 mm.  

Support walls 

– concrete, coated with Flemish bricks or concrete (colored) blocks.  

Covers, roof  

The cover if flat, superposed. Internal water off-take. Thickness of thermal insulation – 250 mm. Waterproof coating – welded-on, roll-fed.  
Thermal insulation of exploitable terraces is 200 mm thick extrusive foam polystyrene. Waterproof coating – mechanically fastened, roll-fed of welded.  
Roof cover – flat, exploitable, a part of it is covered with ceramic tiles, stone mass tiles or w/b. Heat resistance of the roof – 5.1 m2 K/W. Parapets with handrails – min H=1100 mm. Façade element finish, upper part – tin covered with plastisol.  

Staircases and other commonly used premises – with completed wall, ceiling and floor finish. Illumination and heating shall be set. 

Environment arrangement  

Pedestrian paths in the entrance area – colored Flemish brick or colored (figurate) concrete blocks.  

Approach roads – colored (figurate) concrete blocks or asphalt cover.  

Greenery – lawn. 

Engineering systems


Thermal system of the town. Independent furnace. Regulated collector radiator system, radiators with thermostatic regulators. Meters in each apartment and common recording in the furnace.  


In the commercial premises, there is a possibility to install mechanical air supply, elimination with air heating and cold and heat recovery.  
In the apartments there are separate channel air elimination ventilators for toilet, bathroom and kitchen premises. Air inlet through micro-ventilation openings.  

Refrigeration (cooling)

Places for external refrigeration machine are planned for air-cooling purposes in the apartments and commercial premises.  

Water supply  

Water supply system of the town. Cold and hot water supplied to the collector of each apartment, cold and hot water meters for each apartment or lessee, water supply lead-ins for each apartment. Sanitary equipment is not installed.  
In the indoor car parking – automatic fire extinguishing equipment.  

Domestic wastewater system  
Domestic wastewater is collected using internal racks and disposed to the wastewater network of the town. Wastewater system lead-ins for each apartment. Sanitary equipment is not installed.  

Rainwater system  
Wastewater network of the town. Wastewater from the indoor car parking and parking lots located in the territory are cleaned by primary cleaning facilities.  

Communication system  
Telephony and Internet lead-ins in the apartments.  

Security alarm system  
Possibility to install internal security system with connection to building security system. Central security system is installed in leased and common used premises.  

TV system  
TV system is planned so that it can be connected to cable television networks. Only the vertebral part of the system is planned.  

Lead-in control  
Doors are locked, control from reception and apartments. Intercom is mounted nearby. Leading to indoor car parking – lift-gate with remote control (device).  

Engineering networks – according to the drafted and aprooved external network project they are connected to internal engineering systems, i.e. water supply, sewerage, rain sewerage, heating networks of the town, power cable and telephone communication cable. Contracts with the companies exploiting the aforementioned networks have been signed. 

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